#UnfollowFriday: The Complainer

Stressed Student

Everyone has that one person in their Twitter or Facebook stream that complains constantly. This sickness always gets worse around university finals. Finals is the time when this person becomes overrun with work and particularly vulnerable to the terrible sickness known as End of the Semester Stress Disorder (ESSD). Unfortunately for their friends and followers this disease is highly contagious and is currently plaguing both Facebook and Twitter streams.

ESSD is relentless in its attacks on university students and even those who we consider our closest friends are not immune. The most glaring side effect to ESSD is constant complaining on social networking sites. ESSD is a serious disorder and I wouldn’t dare make light of other people’s suffering, but WE WILL PREVAIL!!! Instead of sharing a tweet or status about how miserable you are in the library, maybe just focus on studying. But to those carriers of ESSD that  continue to update us, I say UNFOLLOW and UNSUBSCRIBE (at least until they finish finals).

To those of you out there suffering from ESSD I wish you the best luck. In case you don’t realize the seriousness of your actions I suggest you look at what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about finals time on Facebook.


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