Pinterest: A Visual Social Network

Pinterest- Ben Loeb

Ben Loeb's Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is an up-and-coming social network that organizes your likes around the idea of a pinboard. According to Marketing Land, Pinterest received nearly 11 million total visits last week up 40 times traffic numbers in June. Pinterest is a small invite-only social network that focuses on display and aesthetics to attract users.

Users create different boards to highlight their different likes and interests. For example, I have boards for Infographics, study abroad photos, TV theme songs, movie quotes, and musical covers, just to name a few.

I think Pinterest is gaining traction as a social media platform because it is easy to use and it has a niche audience. Pinterest is dominated by people interested in design, food, and photography. Pinterest is an image driven community and it works well because it is so easy to use. People post “pins” of things they like and then others can see the pins and “re-pin” them to their own boards.

Marketers should be interested in Pinterest because it is a fast-growing community and it allows marketers a unique opportunity to show their products. Some early adopters like Nordstrom have already seen results using their Pinterest page to drive traffic. Pinterest allows brands to pin their products and link back to their website. This is good for brands because it puts high quality images in front of the consumer and gives them the opportunity to re-pin products and make them their own.

Let me know your thoughts on Pinterest in the comments section.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest, here are some good links:

My Pinterest Boards

Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

Q&A with Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp



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