Blog Revived? – Facebook buys Instagram

Instagram Logo

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but recent events in social media and the digital world have brought me back to my blog. Hope you missed me.



Of course, I’m talking about Facebook buying Instagram. This is a big deal and not just because Facebook spent $1 Billion to acquire Instagram. Facebook’s mobile app has always been lacking and the addition of Instagram will hopefully help them up their game in this important space. Photos are an important part of Facebook, at the end of the day lots of people use Facebook to share their photos and comment on friends’ photos. In the age of smartphones, consumers are taking pictures on the go, but uploading those photos to Facebook was a challenge. Instagram makes photo-sharing easy.

$1 Billion dollars for a photo-sharing/filter service seems a bit excessive, but Instagram will offer tremendous value to Facebook. The acquisition will help Facebook innovate in the mobile space and eliminate a possible competitor. Instagram was a social network built on mobile, but as its user base continued to grow, it became increasingly likely that they might expand to the desktop, which would present a threat to Facebook.

Overall, I think Facebook may have overpaid for Instagram, but I think it was worth it to Facebook to eliminate a competitor and bolster its mobile offerings. I’m hopeful that Facebook will keep Instagram and will not go the route of Gowalla. What do you think of the acquisition? Do you think Facebook will kill Instagram?


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