3 Reasons NFC Will Be Big in 2012


Near field communications (NFC) is going to have a major impact on the mobile market in 2012. NFC allows devices, such as phones, to collect data from another device or NFC tag at close range. This has a number of applications because it doesn’t need contact or connection to share information between the two devices. Some of the possible uses for NFC are contactless payment, information sharing or location check-ins. This technology is getting ready to take off and will definitely have a major impact on 2012. Here are 3 major reasons NFC will take off in 2012:

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Pinterest: A Visual Social Network

Pinterest- Ben Loeb

Ben Loeb's Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is an up-and-coming social network that organizes your likes around the idea of a pinboard. According to Marketing Land, Pinterest received nearly 11 million total visits last week up 40 times traffic numbers in June. Pinterest is a small invite-only social network that focuses on display and aesthetics to attract users.

Users create different boards to highlight their different likes and interests. For example, I have boards for Infographics, study abroad photos, TV theme songs, movie quotes, and musical covers, just to name a few.

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#UnfollowFriday: The Ghost

Social media ghostIt’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t follow people who don’t tweet. However, some of us fall victim to social media ghosts. Ghosts are people who were once active on social media sites like Twitter but eventually fade into the shadows. In some cases these people are friends or the ones who got us to join these social media platforms, but they have become ghosts nonetheless. I realize it’s difficult to unfollow your friends, but it’s time to let go. You need to move on! People change! (That’s enough clichés for one post). If you follow someone who hasn’t tweeted for over a month it’s time to UNFOLLOW them!

What’s New? The Blending of Facebook and Twitter

Twitter and FacebookOver the past two weeks, we’ve seen Twitter and Facebook introduce a number of new features. Surprisingly, instead of new features that differentiate the platforms, Twitter and Facebook have introduced features that mirror one another. Twitter has recently introduced profile/brand pages, which are like Facebook’s profiles and Fan pages. Facebook has introduced Timeline and Sponsored Stories, which sound an awful lot like features currently on Twitter. Here is a rundown on the “new” Twitter and “new” Facebook.

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#UnfollowFriday: The Complainer

Stressed Student

Everyone has that one person in their Twitter or Facebook stream that complains constantly. This sickness always gets worse around university finals. Finals is the time when this person becomes overrun with work and particularly vulnerable to the terrible sickness known as End of the Semester Stress Disorder (ESSD). Unfortunately for their friends and followers this disease is highly contagious and is currently plaguing both Facebook and Twitter streams.

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PeekAnalytics: A Social Audience Measurement Tool

When I hear the words “social media” and “measurement” my mind automatically thinks of Klout, fortunately PeekAnalytics is completely different. PeekAnaltyics is a Social Audience Measurement tool which means it focuses on your network of social media followers. While tools like Klout focus on your personal “influence” and engagement, PeekAnalytics focuses on details about your network. Two things working in PeekAnalytics favor are that it already has a lot of information about internet consumers and they are very upfront about their privacy policy and privacy pledge.

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#UnfollowFriday: The Empire Avenue User

Empire Avenue

I don’t know much about Empire Avenue, but what I do know is that if you tweet about it 30+ times in under ten minutes I’m going to unfollow you.

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