Back to Blogging?

Blogging Cartoon

This blog will mostly be about social media, marketing, technology, and advertising, but this specific post will be about none of those things.  Before diving into a regular posting schedule, I want to provide context about my reasons for getting back into blogging and why I’m doing it now.

I took my first stab at blogging a few years ago with little to no acclaim (minus that one time it helped land me an internship, but that’s a different story). In my most recent attempt, I gave up after two weeks (the archive still exists, so feel free to read my musings about Klout and other interesting things of the past). This time will be different.*

Within the last month, I made a huge change in my life. I went from living at home with my dad in Westchester and working at a startup in Manhattan to living by myself in Seattle and working for a large corporation.

I have never started over like this before, except maybe as a kid when I went to sleep away camp.  Some would argue that this current adventure is similar to starting at college—I would disagree.

College is meant to make you comfortable from the beginning. You’re paying them! When I selected American University I also already knew a few people going there. We weren’t best friends or anything but there were still people I could turn to if I needed support. When I moved out here to Seattle, I knew nobody. I relied on friends of friends and my dazzling personality to try and meet people (okay—dazzling might be a stretch).

At college, freshmen are forced to make friends through orientation, classes, and close proximity. While work has similar interactions—daily meetings, an orientation for new hires, and large bathrooms—it is still not the same as starting college. Here, I’m the one being paid, and although my coworkers want to see me be happy and comfortable, they are not people with whom I’d generally grab beer or go to a soccer game.

For me, this experience is nothing like college.

Despite my fears, this journey has been really amazing. It’s forced me to spend time by myself. Never before would I go to restaurants or bars by myself or just sit, relax, and think, but out here I do. It’s given me the ability to try new things and just generally enjoy spending time alone. If you don’t enjoy time by yourself, how can you expect others to enjoy your company?

Out here I’m a new person. Yes, I’m still Ben Loeb and all those other things I was back East but no one here knows what that means. I think life forces us to constantly change and adapt, and this move has done that for me. I’m using this opportunity as a chance to improve myself and wipe the slate clean. If you hold on to things from your past you’ll limit further growth, so I’m letting go (I love Frozen, deal with it). With that in mind, I think I’ll start trying to be Ben the blogger.

*(I have that asterisk there just in case I give up after two-weeks).