Are You Not Entertained? – Facebook Introduces ‘Listen’ Button

Red Hot Chili Peppers Facebook

Red Hot Chili Peppers Facebook Page with 'Listen' button

Today Facebook introduced a ‘Listen’ button to some of its band and artist pages. Now fans can listen to music right from their favorite band’s band or music page using third-party services such as Spotify. This is a big step

Previously, users could listen to music on Spotify and it would publish to a user’s timeline. The new service will publish to a user’s timeline, but it will enable them to stream music right from Facebook.

So far Facebook has only released the feature to a few bands, but it will slowly release it to the entire Facebook music community. This feature reminds me of old MySpace band pages with music players. Users used to be able to listen to music right on the MySpace page and the player would record the number of plays.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Myspace

The Red Hot Chili Pepper's Myspace page

I think this is a major step for Facebook as it tries to get more market share in the entertainment category. The introduction of the ‘Listen’ button will enable Facebook to increase time on their site and engage music listeners. This is a feature music listeners have long desired. Hopefully Facebook will introduce a ‘Watching’ button for TV and movies, which will encourage streaming and compete with social networks such as GetGlue. Do you think the introduction of a ‘Listen’ button is significant? Would you ‘Watch’ TV or movies on Facebook? Let me know in the comments.